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Chinese Legal History Studies in Japan
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This homepage is managed by Hiroaki Terada( at Kyoto University Law school. All pages but this page are written in Japanese or Chinese, sorry. In search pages, you can use not only Japanese Input Method Editor but also Chinese(traditional/simplified) IME.

Du li cun yi ; a digital text

This is the digital text of the Dulicunyi, the most famous annotation for Qing Code and substatutes by Xue Yunsheng.
You can browse and search all the text here.

Bibliography of Chinese Legal History Studies
in Modern Japan
(1900 - 2000)

This bibliography was originally written by H. Terada for the appendix of Part III 'Selected translations of Japanese works' volume 4. in Material Studies of Chinese Legal History edited by Yang Yifan, 2003.

Annotated List of Works by H.Terada

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